Sybaritic TrioX7

The TRIO X7 is a non-ablative, non-invasive aesthetic device that combines Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency for body shaping treatments and skin tightening.
TRIO X7 uniquely combines state-of‐the‐art Focused Quad‐Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Low Intensity Cavitation Ultrasound (LICU) in a single device.
Although these two technologies‐RF and LICU‐are both effective separately, the combination of both technologies enables the most effective treatment protocols for efficient reduction of the fat layer, tighter and improved tissue tone, new collagen tissue formation and skin tightening.
The anti‐aging facial skin tightening component of the TRIO X7 also makes this system unique. Utilizing three different sizes of bi‐polar electrode applicators allows for greater versatility in treating different areas of the face to achieve younger‐looking skin.