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Eyes are the part that show aging easily. GSD Lift Master helps you solve this problem. This machine contains special designed hand pieces, that reach the deep contour of the eyes, improving problems such as under eye puffiness, under eye circles and crow's-feet. The pads of this machine provide a comfortable and relaxing massage for the body while lying down. It also helps drain redundant water, and toxins in the system.
Continual contraction and relaxation of muscles excrete excessive water among tissues, thus excessive toxins out of the body. Meanwhile it mobilizes fat in away resulting in the loss of weight.
Micro-current stimulates tissue regeneration, producing new collagen and elastic fibre, returning elasticity to the skin.
Micro-current filters facial gel, supplements water and nutrition to the skin. It can also be combined with the body slimming gel in order to activate the lipase enzyme which accelerates the catabolism of fat.